We ask that before you upload a video for your horse you complete the Submit A Horse page first for each horse that you want to upload a video for. Also complete Submit A Cowboy. We have found it works best to have you download the video to your personal YouTube account. To upload a horse video please follow the instructions below. Please read through the instructions before downloading.  

    1. Go to www.youtube.com and click on the Sign In button in the top right corner (or add/create new account if needed).
     a. Enter the following:
        YOUR Email & Password
    2. Click on the Upload Button in the top right 
    3. Click on the big Arrow box where it says Select files to upload
     a. This will pull open a window to select the video file you saved and need to upload from your computer. If you're still confused             you can scroll down a little for "help and suggestions". Click on "upload instructions" provided by YouTube. 
     b. Once selected, YouTube you will upload the video
    4. Below where it is uploading, there is a Title field where you can name the video. Please put the following information:
      "Horse's Registered Name, Breed (AQHA, Grade, ....), Age & Sex"  In the Description please put "Cowboys Horse Sale 2017". 
      This will help if 'lookers' are searching for videos.
    5. Then click the save changes if it hasn't already saved
    6. You can repeat the process to upload another video for a different horse by clicking on the upload button again
    7. Email the link from the address bar of each video to cowboyshorsesale@gmail.com with the subject labeled "horse's name             & video". Thanks! 
    8. If you need more help call Jadie at 435-640-5392 or Julie Pace 801-230-0542

If you are completely lost an internet search engine is your friend! I know very little. You can search how to upload videos to YouTube or even how to make a video on your computer to what video editing program may be preinstalled on your apple or pc.

Submit a Horse Video and a Cowboy Bio Video

The Cowboy's Performance Ranch Horse Sale

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