Please use this page to send us your information for each horse you are entering in the Horse Sale. Make sure the information (name, pedigree, & writeup are correct) We have included some sample horse writeups from past entries to use for guidance if needed. Click the Submit button on the bottom of the page, this will send your information to us so we can put it on the site. Please allow 7-8 days for the information to be updated on the site.

Please email up to 4 photos of your horse to Please include the cowboy's and horse's names in the subject line.

(Basically list as much information as you can provide. How long you have had the horse, everything you have done on him, where he shines, the more the better!)

#1 MR. DRIFTIN ROOSTER (“Rooster”) is a 2007 AQHA buckskin gelding who is ready to go to work for you. He was born and raised outside in the mountains of northeast Oregon, and has since been cowboyed on in Montana and Wyoming. He has experience covering rough country, pulling calves in a feedlot, and has recently been to town to rope in ranch rodeos. His natural cowiness and gentle disposition allow him to excel in whatever he is asked to do. My favorite part about this horse is that he is very easy goin’, but you do not have to pedal him along. It’s hard to find a horse that won’t let a cow beat him, but doesn’t get all worked up about it, he just puts his head down and does whatever you ask him. Last winter my wife rode him in a large feedlot where she pulled calves and roped outside calves on ice. He is as honest of a horse as they come and gives you the same ride every time. He is ready to make someone a very solid and dependable horse…plus he’s not bad to look at.  bathes/clips/loads

#2  Flash is a beautiful 10 year-old unregistered black-and-white paint gelding raised on Filippini’s Badger Ranch south of Battle Mountain, NV. From age 3 ‘til present he has learned to complete, with ease, every ranch-task imaginable. I spent a long time putting him into the bridle: from a snaffle, to a bosal, to a traditional two-rein outfit, and eventually just the bridle…now he’ll do all I ask mostly on leg-pressure and seat whether bareback or saddled. Super soft-handle with a clean headset and kind enough for most riders, my wife, mother, father, and the young lady working at our ranch have all had occasion to ride him in all topography familiar to the west (no young kids yet, he’s not a pony, he’s a gentle, ranch-broke, performance-quality horse). Flash works cattle slick enough that I’m certain he would make a fine turn-back horse at the cuttings or an exceptional Ranch asset for herd or corral-work. He’s great for running and working horses, and this gelding is an excellent rope horse for your brandings, on the ice (calving and doctoring), in the backyard roping pen, and, of course he has been hauled with success to USTRC events and many local team ropings. Mostly, he is my heel horse, but he’s just the right size to be real versatile and so I have also headed cattle on him. He will hold a rope for me at the ranch when I dismount, he’ll spin a hole in ground, he has a great first move and is fairly fast, and, he will flat-out get down and stop. Fancy!

#3 Badger Pole Cat, or Blue Duck, is a four year old grey gelding that is very gentle with a lot of eye appeal. He has been used to doctor calves, cows and a number of yearlings as a three and four year old. He was shown last winter at Rapid City, South Dakota in the three year old stock hose division and made a great showing for his first time to show. I believe this horse has a lot of potential in numerous areas. This horse can be asked to go fast and get something doctored and then wants to come right back down and travel very relaxed on a loose rein. I can't state enough that this horse is very gentle and would just about suit anyone.


The Cowboy's Performance Ranch Horse Sale

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