If you are a new cowboy registering for the Horse Sale or if you would like to update your profile please complete the form below and click the Submit button on the bottom of the page. This will send your information to us so we can put it on the site. Please allow 7-8 days for the information to be updated on the site.

Please email your photo to Include cowboy's name in subject line.

NEW THIS YEAR! You can also submit a Cowboy Bio Video (same instructions to submit as the horse video). Below are a list of questions to help with your bio.

Cowboy Bio Questions

  1. Introduce yourself

    1. Name

    2. Where do you live

    3. Tell us about your job

    4. Tell us about your family

    5. Tell me about other animals you raise, train, and are passionate about (dogs)

  2. Horses - general

    1. When did you start riding horses, why

    2. Why do you like horses

    3. What is your favorite thing to do with a horse

    4. How have horses impacted your life

    5. Who has influenced your riding style and training philosophy

    6. How do you use your horses (ranch, trail, rope competition, kids etc.)

    7. What qualities do you look for in a horse

  3. Sale Horse

    1. Horse's name (registered name and nickname), age, color, breed

    2. What experience does your horse have, how have you used and trained him

    3. What are your horse's strengths

    4. Tell me your thoughts on your horse's potential

    5. Where do you see your horse excelling in the future


The Cowboy's Performance Ranch Horse Sale

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