2015 Sale Results



ridden by Ike Thomas; purchased by a cowboy in North Dakota.

TOP 5 AVERAGE: $10,700


(on 27 broke horses sold)

We can put our 10 year sale in the books. Over the past week I have been trying to figure out how to word our 2015 sale. Personally speaking, our centennial sale will be one, I hope, I remember always. We had some new cowboys enter in. What great people they are: Matt & Anna Severe, David Gordon and his sweet girlfriend Emily, Cody & Bekki Spencer, 3 String Cattle Co., Zeph Schulz… incredibly great hands that brought nice horses. We missed some other cowboys that are usually here like JD Johnson and Dusty Smith but gained new ones like Brady Black, Jerry Cobb, and Jeff Stuart. My most memorable moment will be meeting the nice buyer, Derek Lehrke. He excitedly ended up purchasing Ike Thomas’s amazing gelding. Derek will continue cowboying on him; the BEST pairing I have seen by far! I also had the pleasure of meeting a trio of girls that made a car trip from Texas, super great people! I also enjoy others I met over the phone and through email. These above are the reasons I love sale weekend. We had quite a few of our horses move onto other ranches. Others bought them as new friends that will have fun together. I hope all our buyers will enjoy the horses we are proud of; THANK YOU, thank you for your trust. And many thanks to our friends and friends of friends that rally together to put the sale into effect! We absolutely could not do it without help. Thank you to Ken and Wendy Beck for their auctioneering. Thank you to Dusty Smith for providing the saddle to Ike, the high selling cowboy. And thank you to Matt for keeping our website updated and teaching me some of the ropes. One last proud moment I have to share – as I hurriedly was moving from point A to B during the preview I happened to overhear ONE sentence from an older gentleman on the phone, “There are some BROKE horses here.” That was probably the topping on my cake. If there is one thing I could share with others is, many of the horses sold by these cowboys are ‘used’ regularly and their horsemanship is definitely something they should be PROUD of!! Well, I definitely am proud to call them friends. Thanks again, Jadie Billings


The Cowboy's Performance Ranch Horse Sale

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