If you are interested in Bidding on Horses over the Phone you must register prior to September 7, 2017 by filling out the form. Please enter your Name, Phone #, Email, and up to 3 horses you are interested in Phone Bidding on. If you'd like to add more horses include them in the "additional horses" section or fill out another form.

If you have any additional questions about the Phone Bidding Process or registration please feel free to contact us by phone at 435-640-5392 or fill out the form below to register and someone will contact you.


TERMS OF SALE - updated 7/17/15
1. FULL AGREED PRICE MUST BE PAID ON THE DAY OF AUCTION except in the case of weanlings where a nonrefundable 1/3 of purchase price will be paid upon purchase, and the remaining 2/3 will be paid directly to Seller upon picking up the weanling. Buyer will be notified by the Seller in late summer or early fall for pick-up date. Registration of foals will be completed by Seller. Seller has 7 months to register foal from date of birth. Transfers on all horses will be completed by Buyers which will be mailed to them when money clears the bank or foal is completed registering. 

2. Please be a responsible buyer. Everything will be sold “as is, where is”. We offer sound and healthy horses with performance abilities as represented in the sale catalog and have not displayed any symptoms that need examined by a vet. Whether a Buyer chooses to rely on their own inspection and information or have the horse vet checked, the following guarantee timeframes will be adhered to:
   a. All horses are guaranteed to pass a vet check (by a veterinarian provided by the Buyer) within 5 business days of purchase. If the horse does not pass, the Seller will work with the Buyer for pick-up of the horse. Buyer will be refunded the full purchase price. 
   b. If the Buyer does not have the horse vet checked within 5 business days of purchase, the Buyer accepts the horse as-is from the time of purchase. 
   c. If, within a period of 7 days after purchase, the performance or behavior is deemed by the Buyer to be unsatisfactory (which may be due to incompatibility with the riding habits or skills of the new rider) and the horse is in the same condition as when left the Seller, then the Seller reserves the right to assess the situation and make a final decision on the horse and rider accordingly. 
   d. Extended guarantees are not offered unless discussed between Seller and Buyer at the time of Sale. Any deviations from the timeframes as stated in paragraphs (a-c) above must be stated on this Buyer Agreement and initialed by both the Seller and Buyer. 

3. Please be a responsible bidder. The bidder is accountable for knowing which horse he is bidding on. If he is unsure, he should inquire or not bid. When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. 

4. Every effort is made to protect horses throughout the auction; however, the bidder becomes solely responsible for the horse(s) purchased by him immediately following his winning bid. Therefore, he is advised to further protect his horse at his own discretion. 

5. They Auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increment he feels in in the best interest of his client, the Seller. Sellers have the right to reasonably bid on their own horses. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person whose conduct, actions or adverse comments he feels is not in the best interest of the Seller. The Auctioneer has the right to determine the final outcome of all bidders’ actions. 

6. The Buyer understands that riding and handling horses may be hazardous. Seller and/or Cowboy’s Horse Sale is not responsible for death or injury incurred in connection with the handling or riding of the purchased horse by any party, at any time, whether or not the horse is deemed to have misbehaved. 

7. Cowboy’s Horse Sale provides the means of connecting sellers and buyers on sale day. Cowboy’s horse Sale would like to be notified of disputes as a basis of keeping our sale’s integrity to the level we are proud of. Any disputes are between Buyer and Seller.


The Cowboy's Performance Ranch Horse Sale

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