Gaucho at Wickenburg NSPRA Rodeo. Finished head, heel & calf horse that was one of the high selling horses in the two previous Horse Sales.

Willie at NSPRA Rodeo Bernallilo, New Mexico. Finished heel & calf horse that was also one of the high selling horses during the previous two Horse Sales.


I purchased Scoot and have really enjoyed using him. He was awesome in the branding pen where nothing bothered him and he has been reliable and sure footed outside in the holes and on the steep mountains over logs and such. The first thing I did on him last spring was heel a sick cow. He was great, this was a very sick cow and she couldn't really run but he did great. The girls who are now 4 and 3 ride him in the corral while being led. Tell Anthony thank you for a great horse! Art bought the blue horse and red roan. I had Luci on Blue this spring calving and sorting and he was great. After a little green grass and some time off he did a little bucking and was feeling pretty good. He is a very kind horse and I drug some calves on him and sorted on him quite a bit during calving. I thought he did great, a little clumsy. He is a lanky tall horse and travels with his head really high and reminds me of a goose, I call him Blue Duck. I am super happy with Scoot and really excited to get my girls on him in a few years. I feel the horses were represented fairly and you all did an excellent job offering good ranch horses. It was nice having a horse that's been outside the arena and ranch roped off of. I hope you are all well and look forward to viewing the upcoming sale.

Penny Bruchez


"A few years ago I bought a horse at a sale Brian Billings was having in Utah. I actually went to the sale purely as a spectator. I didn't have a trailer with me, didn't have money on me and had no intention of buying anything. That was until Brian rode a little dun horse out into the arena and my buddy said, "Take a look at that horse. That's a Cadillac! I want him." (Then of course he made me start bidding!) I took the horse home with me and have never regretted it one single time. I use my horses primarily for trail riding in the mountains, and hunting and my horses never get to see arena sand. This horse, which I named Whitesocks, has performed flawlessly under a wide variety of conditions in the mountains. I have ridden him, my dad has ridden him, as have others. I loaned him to a buddy once and his boy fell in love with this horse. 

He told me if his son wanted to buy this horse from me so bad he couldn't stand it and asked about a price. I told him he wasn't for sale. I loaned him to a friend for a big pack trip elk hunt. He told me he found out one thing about that horse on the trip, that he had a lot of heart. The horse was beautiful to look at, he was solid from head to toe, level headed, would get up and go, did it all for me in the mountains. The horse was exactly what Brian told me he was, and probably even more. The money I paid for that horse was the best money I ever 
spent and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. When it comes time for me to buy another horse, I'll either buy it from Brian or I won't buy one at all."
Brent McGhie - Elk Ridge, Utah


We are French, and we spend some time in AZ. Riding horses is a passion of my husband’s, who had to wait 12 years for me to overcome my fear of horses. In March 2010, some friends let me ride a calm horse of theirs performing ranch sorting. It was a revelation. I enjoyed the cattle so much that I almost forgot my fear of horses. I started taking lessons with Paul Dietz who taught me how to ride and push my fear away. By his work, the pleasure to ride took place over everything. We decided, my husband and I, to bring to life an old dream: to bring an American horse to France. Of course, here in France, there are quarter horses, but the real challenge was to find the perfect one for me in the United States, one rode by working cowboys day in and day out. In November we met Jadie and Brian Billings and Cody Harris at their horse sale in AZ. We had 3 horses in mind from the website, but after we talked they led us to the one they thought could best suit my riding level. Cody was the owner of Pumpkin (Badger Poco Wood), the feeling was good and Paul agreed. The next day Paul went for us to the auction buying Pumpkin, who we named Badger. For 6 months Badger stayed with Paul and we worked together. In June Badger went to Oklahoma for his quarantine and July 8th 2011, my horse arrived in France. We went after our dream! Badger is now at home in Provence, in our garden, just opposite our house. I’m working with him 3 times a week and when the opportunity arrives we go with our horses visiting parts of France, and perform in competitions of ranch sorting. Badger is the perfect horse for me, quiet, but voluntary for working, easy to load into the trailer, and eager to discover new
space. Our thanks to Brian, Jadie & Cody to raise good horses, and thanks to Paul, my horsemanship teacher, without him this adventure would not have happened.

Anne Marie and Jean Claude - France


Cody Flinton bought this bay gelding, AQHA 99' Beccas Poco Road, at our 2005 sale and has 
used him the past few years picking up for his grandpa's PRCA Bar T Rodeo bucking string.


Finished heel horse, started breakaway/calf horse.


Finished head horse and started in healing.

I would like to thank Brian & his invited cowboys for the great horses I purchased at their sale in
Peoa, Utah in 2008. I purchased three horses and couldn't be any happier. I run a sheep outfit in
Kamas, Utah where we summer our sheep east of Kamas on the forest (Wolf Creek) and winter them west of Wendover, Utah. We spend a lot of time horse back and we need good, sound,
dependable horses and that is exactly what we got. I was actually looking for a new horse for my son Jesse who was 11 years old and for my daughter Isabelle who was 7 years old I wanted to make sure and find horses that I could trust with my kids, and that is what I got and then some. I would highly recommend buying any horses that Brian Billings offers to sale. They are everything he says they are and then some.  David B Cummings **both the bay and the roan are from the sale**


The Cowboy's Performance Ranch Horse Sale

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