My name is Chase Murray and I currently live in Blanding Utah with my wife and our two young children. Although I have worked for several ranches across the state, Southeastern Utah is where I feel, by far, the most like home. I work for a family owned ranch here and we tend to about 1000 mother cows year round. In doing this, I try to take every opportunity possible to be on the back of my horse. One of my most favorite things to do in this part of the state is track down and rope wild cattle for one of our neighboring ranchers. It requires so much partnership between rider and horse and can build a level of knowledge like no other. To me, the best learning environment is outside of a round pen or arena. I especially enjoy horses that want to go to work and require a steady job. You can find this quality along with a sure foot, endurance, willing mind and a big heart in the horses that I own and look to ride. Being a cowboy has always been my passion and is definitely my true calling in life. I was lucky enough to learn this at a young age and then have the opportunities to be able to develop the skills to do what I love to do. I believe becoming a good cowboy and being able to make good horses is a lifelong learning process.

Chase Murray

The Cowboy's Performance Ranch Horse Sale

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